The materials of the website and database have been made accessible for research with the assistance of several persons who have contributed in a number of functions:

I. The Wu Song database

Transcription of original Chinese texts into computer characters and draft translations into English:

  • Huang Ying 黃瑛
  • Feng Yining 馮一寧
  • Yu Jing 喻京
  • Hu Juan 胡涓

Photos of Yangzhou storytellers in performance and from the old cultural town of Yangzhou: Jette Ross (1938-2001). Published with permission.

Collection of Chinese folk prints related to storytelling and drama: Boris Riftin (1932-2012). Published with permission.

II. Four Masters project

The original name of this project was Large-scale Registration of Chinese Storytelling

Project leader: Vibeke Børdahl

Co-leader: Fei Li

Storytellers: Dai Buzhang, Fei Li, Gao Zaihua, Ren Dekun

Chinese photographers of the video collection: Li Xin and Chen Wei

Monograph-with-catalogue Four Masters of Chinese Storytelling, bilingual, NIAS Press, Copenhagen 2004. Edited by Vibeke Børdahl, Fei Li and Huang Ying

Photos by Jette Ross and Per E. Børdahl

The redesigned website was created by Rainier Lanselle and Philippe Pons.

The layout for the new site was provided by Juliette Picandet Ledermann