Hui Zhaolong (惠兆籠)


Vibeke Børdahl


Audio Cassette (Private collection of Vibeke Børdahl)


The following episode takes place some time after Wu Song killed the tiger on Jingyang Ridge and returned home to find his elder brother, Wu the Elder.

Meanwhile his brother has married the beautiful Pan Jinlian. The young bride is far from satisfied with her ‘three feet’ dwarf of a husband, and when she meets Wu Song, the handsome hero who bare-fisted killed the beast her heart is set on fire. Wu Song is, however, cold to her approaches and gladly takes on a mission to the capital.

During his absence Jinlian now falls in love with the rich apothecary of the town, Ximen Qing. In order to be able to be together day and night, the two of them poison Wu the Elder. Away from home, Wu Song knows nothing about it. His life is exceptionally carefree and harmonious, and the storyteller indulges his audience with this little ‘story outside the story’, a digression to fill up time while sinister happenings are taking place at home.


Same performance as Yue xia chuan dao, Swordplay under the Moon, cf. Item 2.


This work is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0